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what gif editor do you use

Photoshop CS5 :)

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Spica mvs picspam


26.03.2014 || Part 3/3 - Narae ::Enregistrement Dream Team (Crédit : Tag)

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happy birthday to the chic maknae who claims she have no aegyo #happyBBOday

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bohyung during Seoul Fashion Week


spica working the catwalk

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They’re looking like members of the same group! also dumb boa but that’s not new

can't seem to respond to the post directly, but - Break Away audio soundcloud(.)com/nurul-yo/spica-break-away

ahhh thank you so much!!

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could you please make an audio post of spicas live performance 'break away'? or give me a download link if you have? thank you ^^

Im sorry bby but i have no idea how those are made :/ maybe someone can help?

140217 | cr. smilewa ♡ do not edit!

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can i be you?

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[GIVEAWAY]The event will be held on 23rd March 2014 at 0:00.

If you have any question, feel free to ask me through twitter or tumblr

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